The dangerous road to Highwall

Episode Two


Establishing shot of our heroes lying sprawled in the snow next to an overturned wagon. “Well, what are you waiting for?” Moustachio exclaims, gesturing towards goblins disappearing into the heather carrying boxes.

A fight sequence shows our heroes in action. Sir Duncan beheads two goblins. The Thief throws a dagger into the back of another. Alsilia the gnome casts a spell at goblins stealing ponies – they fall insensate to the ground. Evena the elf slits a goblin throat with a bronze knife. An imperious Cylvia demands the goblins surrender.

A goblin is on his knees begging the Cleric’s mercy, he is offering up a gnome ear. A shot of the Alsilia twisting the goblin’s ears before he is sent on his way.

The thief in in the heather unlocking a strong box while a dead goblin lies nearby. As he lifts the lid, his face is lit by the twinkle of silver inside. Moustachio is finishing counting the silver coins into the the box. “The missing coins will come out of your pay!” he exclaims.

“I’ve lost my memory” says Cylvia. “The confusticator must have malfunctioned in the attack” explains Moustachio’s voice over a shot of the smoking implement.

The wagon is being attacked in the mist by animated skeletons. Sir Duncan cleaves an a evil looking standard in twan but is injured by a flash of purple energy. The gnome takes the reins, spurring the ponies on. As the wagon rolls past while the rogue clasps the Duncan’s arm and he swings on board. The skeletons are left in the mist.

The rogue stealthy moves through the bush. He moves aside some leaves to show an ogre sitting by a fire roasting a whole bore on a stick. “We need a plan” says Sir Duncan. Alsilia conjures the illusion of an amusingly curvaceous ogress. The ogre wails with despair as he follows the illusion of over a cliff.

The wagon rolls under sign reading “Redmanhey Inn”. A hooded Evena on her harp entertains the crowd, clearly in her element. The rogue listens at a door – the sound of Moustachio’s voice within, “But, why would an innkeeper need a device to detect a dimensional portals?” and a gruff reply, “My reasons are my own. You have been paid well enough, pedlar”.

It is morning, the burly innkeeper introduces a stout man in vestments leading a donkey, “This is Father Ian Mac Ferguson, or parish priest.” . A shot of Father Ian, ministering to the wounds of a kneeling Sir Duncan. His voiceover says, “The totem was primitive magic – but primitive magic can still be potent”.

Father Ian gives Cylvia, a bundle of goods “For the MacDowell’s. The Bodachs have left them little, so this should help. Bless you all for your help.”

All the heroes sit crowded together in a little cottage, with its owners -a man, a woman, a boy, and a girl. The heavily pregnant woman offers an iron tankard to a hooded Evena. Evena seems hesitant, the woman – suspicious. Sir Duncan grabs the tankard and drains it one gulp. “In all the tales, fairies steal bairns” says the woman, hands protectively over her swollen belly. Cylvia replies “I can vouch for all my companions”. The Rogue nods towards Evena, “Except that one, we barely know her.” As the woman pales, Cylvia gives him a thunderous look. “Forgive him, he has an unusual sense of humour”.

Alsilia swats by a mud trail. “The sheep were taken there”. She points to an old quarry where two sinister figures stalk the walls – they look like old men with birds legs.

The Rogue has climbed the wall and slits throat of one Bodach and throws a dagger at the other. It falls with a yell. Large stone coloured cats pore from the quarry. Alsilia gestures and half their number collapse. Still more fall from Evena’s arrows. As Bodachs gather for a charge, Sir Duncan is mobbed by the remaining Palug cats. Cylvia rushes to his aid and back to back they do battle. Grimly Alsilia and Evena also fight hand to hand with Bodachs. Cylvia falls injured by a Bodach spear as Duncan slays their leader.

The final shot is of our battered heroes returning the sheep to the grateful farmers.

h2. And now…

As the heroes head away from the farm, the farmer and his family wave farewell. The Farmer, his arm around his wife says quietly, “See Bess lass, I said there’s nought to worry about them”. She replies, “Aye MacDowell, but there’s something uncanny strange about the hooded one – even if she nay be the Cailleach”

Later, back at the inn. “Cailleach? Are you sure you heard her right?” asks Sir Duncan. “Yes, It is an old Kanti word” replies Evena “Its their name for a very powerful , very malevolent type of fairy creature – also called a Hag. Hags have the appearance of old mortal woman. Hunched back, but tall. Taller even then you Sir Duncan. They are long of tooth and black of heart – cannibals with a fondness for babies it is told. Some have skins of black iron, others are as green as pond scum. They are shape-shifters and sorcerers. They can control the weather, and…” she finishes with a meaningful pause ”…cause the dead to walk .”


Australopithecus Australopithecus

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